Thursday, February 20, 2003

I’m going to start off with a story that J told me while we were lying in bed last night. While J and GG were running errands last night J told GG that his back hurt and asked if she would pray for him. She then folded her hands and said, “Dear God, Daddy’s back hurt. Get him a new one. Make him feel better. Amen.” When J told me what she said I wanted to cry. I think that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. She has prayed before but she just repeats after us. This prayer was from her heart and her own words. What a sweetheart! J was on pager today and he got a transfer so he was gone most of the day. The kids and I went to the mommy and me class at 12:30pm. I really like this class I took it with GG and she is super smart so maybe it will help make Monkey super smart too. In this class we learn how to teach our children to develop physically and emotionally into healthy children. We talk a lot about brain development and things that little ones need to help them learn at a faster pace. One thing I have learned is that children need to learn to crawl before they walk in order to help them with math later on in life. Many studies have been done to prove this. So many people think that their child is smart because they walked before they crawled but not really in the long run. Some other things we have learned is that children need to get dirty and play with mud for sensory development. I just really like this class and so does Monkey. Today we played with play dough Monkey took it and put it in his mouth, made a funny face and put it back in his mouth. He did that about five times and then he lost interest in it. Tonight after we ate dinner we went to the college's men’s basketball game. I am so glad we didn’t have to pay for it because they were horrible. They lost by 16. Came home and watched ER and now we are going to bed because we have an early morning tomorrow.

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