Thursday, February 13, 2003

We had a lot of fun today and we were very busy. We got up and got ready so we could go to the Mommy and Me class. It is for Monkey and me; GlamorGirl comes with and gets to play with toys while we are in the class. As we walked into the school I was telling GG that it was a beautiful day out and she said, “NO! Beautiful mommy.” Then we went to get J’s paycheck, went to the bank, came home and GG took a ½ an hour nap, went to get our taxes done, paid a bill and came home for the rest of the day. I was a little nervous about how GG was going to act at the tax place because of what Crissy had said about Carlie having a hard time when they got theirs done. But once again she surprised me and was very well behaved. She watched the fish and just sat on her daddy's lap. On the way home however, she said, “Where’s my friend Ethan? I want to play with Ethan.” I almost told her that she would see him tomorrow but J and I decided awhile back that we aren’t going to tell her when she gets to do things the day before she gets to do them. Does that make sense? We learned early on that if GG knew she was going to do something fun the next day she wouldn’t sleep good that night. We didn’t tell her about her birthday party and she slept good the night before. Tonight for dinner we just made whatever we wanted instead of having a meal it was kind of a nice break in our routine. Besides the fact that we ate lunch at 2pm, I wasn’t really hungry for a big meal. Then later GG and I went to the store to get valentines cards for her friends and playgroup. We packed for our trip this weekend. Then we watched ER as a family and now we are calling it a night!

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