Monday, February 03, 2003

Today is such a nasty day, weather wise. We all woke up tired today thanks to the dumb hospital. They called last night and woke everyone up. It took me an hour to get the kids back to sleep and by then I was wide-awake. Oh well. Hopefully J won’t be working there much longer. I pray that he gets one of the police jobs he has been applying for, soon. Then I can start looking for a house!!! Since we were all tired we took a family nap. I love family time, awake or a sleep! Monkey is really starting to get the hang of getting on his hands and knees. He is starting to leap forward once he gets on them. He definitely gets where he wants to go. Today after lunch GlamorGirl hid behind the side of the couch, she then said, “Daddy I’m hiding.” Jeff said, “hiding where?” and she jumped up and said, “Right here, daddy!” She doesn’t have the whole hind and seek thing down yet. Right now as I type she is rubbing my back and saying, “feel good, mommy?” She is so sweet. After dinner we painted GG’s fingernails to match her toes! Right before bed daddy and daughter were cleaning up the toy room and one of the toys was missing a purple ball. So she walked into our room and said, “Where is the purple ball? Is it under the bed?” she looked under the bed and replied, “Oopsie Daisies, not here! Where could it be?” What a silly girl. She is already talking to herself. Lets hope that tonight we get more sleep.

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