Saturday, February 15, 2003

What happened today. We got up and spend the day with Grandma and Aunty Ribit (Elizabeth). GlamorGirl had a lot of fun playing with them. Then we went to Mr. and Mrs. D's new house. Very nice! Then we ended up at my dad's and step mom's house for the night. My Uncle Mark and Aunt Amy were here with my other Uncle Carl. My cousin Jessica is in a rehab center here. Tomorrow they are taking her home for the first time in two months. She was in a car accident in the beginning of December with my other cousin who sadly did not make it. We are hoping that Jessica will wake up soon, hopefully having her friends around will help in the process. I didn't have time last night to write this but yesterday when we were at J's parents house the phone rang and it was a unknown called so they let GG answer it. It was pretty funny. She was just talking away to the telemarketer. Of course they hung up on her and we knew it when the phone started making that annoying sound. GG really enjoyed being able to answer the phone. I think that I might start letting her answer it at home. So if you call and you hear a little girl on the other end please don't hang up I will take the phone from her after she says Hello. Well we have another busy day tomorrow so we should get the little ones in bed.

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