Sunday, February 02, 2003

I am the most blessed person on earth, I’ll tell you why. Every night before we go to bed I have a little girl who tells me she loves me. She also tells her daddy and brother she loves them too. Then the first words out of her mouth in the morning are, “Good Morning, Mommy! Good Morning, Daddy! Good Morning Brother!” sometimes she even adds “it’s a happy day today.” I have a wonderful husband as I have said before and I have a handsome little boy who one day will talk and tell me the same kind of things that GlamorGirl tells J and I. Can you tell that I am very happy with my life?! Well this morning we got ready and went to church. As we were getting ready I asked GG if she knew where we were going and she screamed excitedly, “to church!” She loves children’s church and so do J and I. Then the little ones took a nap and J and I spent time talking about various things, which was nice because it is very rare that we are alone when we talk. This afternoon, Kim and Kailey B. came over to play. The girls are 6 months apart and GG is younger, but they are very much the same. Both of them fought over the same toys and books. Kim and I talked while they played and fought, she is really nice. I think that in the summer we will do a lot of things together. I forgot to mention that they live in the same apartment complex. After dinner we all went grocery shopping. I really enjoy shopping together as a family and I know that one day our kids will no longer want to shop with us so I am cherishing it right now! Then we took my car thru the car wash. GG loves having the car washed. I love this age they are so easily amused.

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