Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Today was fun, the end. No just kidding. This morning Monkey spit up all over the bed, he soaked everything. I changed the sheets and gave him his medicine and put him back to sleep. He woke up at 7:30 and I was tired, he fell back asleep at 8:45. GG woke up right after he fell back asleep and I wanted to sleep so I put up the gate so she couldn’t go downstairs unattended and let her play in her room. I should of checked for a pen but next time I will. After Monkey and I got up we ate and were getting ready to get in the shower. GlamorGirl lifted up her shirt and she had written all over her belly in pen. (At least it wasn’t in a place that would be uncovered during the day.) That is why I need to check for pens. It was pretty funny though. There are still faint pen lines on her. J used rubbing alcohol before we put her in the tub. Speaking of in the tub. The kids and I took a bath together while we were in the tub Monkey got hungry so I nursed him. As I was nursing him he peed on me. That was the weirdest feeling. That one spot got really warm. I’m sure he is going to love hearing this story when he gets older! Not much happened until we went to Cole’s birthday party. It was at Burger King. All the kids from playgroup were there. It was really fun; it is just so amazing to me how long little kid parties are. We were there for two hours and it didn’t even seem that long. I guess it is like they say time flies when your having fun. Tonight J and GG ran back the movies and did a couple other errands. Now I am going to go soak in a bath tub all by myself, put the kids to bed and hopefully be in bed soon after.

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