Wednesday, February 12, 2003

What a busy day we had. This morning GG’s friend Ethan came over to play while his daddy had surgery. He had to have his adenoids taken out. The two of them were completely off the wall. It was fun to watch! Monkey really liked watching them. They colored, played with the toys, ate food, chased each other, sang songs and danced. They really had a lot of fun playing with each other neither of them wanted it to end. Even though while Ethan was here they both took a tumble down the stairs (only 3 steps), they were coming down and GG was behind Ethan. Ethan is a little better at stairs then she and he was jumping so she thought she could jump too. She lost her balance and fell taking Ethan with her. She cut her lip and had a mouth full of blood. It looked so much worse than it really was. They didn’t goof around on the stairs after that. After Ethan left @ 1:30 the little ones took a nap both GG and Monkey were tired. When GG woke up she got a valentines card from Nana. Thank you! (she loved the sucker!) Tonight J gave GG a bubble bath, which she and I absolutely loved. Other than that we just relaxed together as a family! I love family time. Have I said that before? The newest phrase of GG’s is “oh my goodness” it is hilarious, however she does use it in the right way.

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