Thursday, March 06, 2003

Here is a run down of our day. We got up and got ready shortly after J got back from his trip. We then went to Lollipops, H & R Block, and then to our Mommy and Me class. While Monkey and I were at the class J and GG ran some errands to save time and then they met us at the class. At the class Monkey got to play with sand and he loved it. Then he got to play with whipped cream and he liked to eat it but he liked the sand much better. Today’s class was about messy play and how children need it. It is an important part of their development in the areas of language, emotional, physical and interaction. After the class we went home. The kids took a nap and J went to pt and I got to rest in the chair holding Monkey while he slept! Then tonight Belinda and Ellie came over for dinner. It was a new recipe that J wanted to try and it feeds a lot of people so it was good they were able to come over and help us eat it. Then J went to the Y to work out, GG played in the toy room, and Monkey explored our room. Now we are getting everyone ready for bed, we need to get up early tomorrow for playgroups. Happy Birthday Becky!!!

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