Thursday, March 20, 2003

Today J woke up and was getting ready for work when the phone rang and it was his work saying he was suppose to be there at 7 not 9am. The schedule said 9 so he was right but he went in anyway. He told me last night that he was going to go to the store before work and get something for his lunch. So I knew that he didn’t have the chance because of the sudden change in the time he was suppose to be there. When we woke up we got ready and picked up Joanna and went to the store for J’s lunch. He didn’t know that I was going to do this! When I got to the hospital he was gone on a run so I left the food for him with a note. He called me and was very glad that I stopped by with food. I didn’t want my man going hungry while working all day. I need him to be good for when he gets home to play with the kids and do family things. Anyways, after we dropped that off we went back to Joanna’s house to hang out before she had classes. We came home ate lunch and the kids took naps. When they woke up it was really nice out so we took a long walk and then played at the park before coming inside. GG loves swinging and Monkey is pretty content to just watch but he does enjoy swinging too. I just thought that it was a little to cool out today to be pushing him in the swing. Then we danced to some music while waiting for daddy to get off of work. When he got home we all ate dinner. It was really a late dinner for us (7:30pm) but I really enjoy sitting together as a family and eating. We normal eat at 5:30ish. Update on Monkey’s rash…it has been a week and the rash (aka atopic dermatitis) is completely gone. Yes you read it gone and without help from any medicine. So if there are any mothers that read this next time your doctor gives your baby medicine for something check it out before giving it to them. Good sources are books, pharmacist or any other research ie other doctors! That is it for us here.

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