Friday, March 28, 2003

I am going to vent today. We went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa M. because Grandma won 1,000 on a radio show today. Anyways, we went to TGI Fridays. It was the longest I have ever waited to eat. When we got there the person said a half an hour. Not bad we'll wait. Well it turned into an hour with them telling us twice that we were the next to be seated. Let's just put it this way the people sitting around us all got seated. A new group of three parties sat down and got seated then a third group of three parties sat down before we got seated. The stupid girl had us as a party of 8 we had 5 adults with two kids. WE ONLY NEEDED 5 SEATS!!! Needless to say GlamorGirl was getting hungry along with everyone else. When we did get to eat the server we had was great, very polite, fast and organized. Then again we did order what we wanted right when we sat down because we had plenty of time to look at the menu while waiting! Then we went to get ice cream so I am completely stuffed. For the most part of the day while the grandparents were at work we did laundry and I say we loosely. It was really J that did the laundry and I watched the kids. We did go to the grocery store and get some pop because they didn't have any in the house. They had nothing in the house to be honest. They are leaving for vacation Sunday so that is why. The rest of the night my plan is to relax and let all of the food I just ate digest. Tomorrow it is suppose to snow I can't believe it, it is March almost April. Oh yeah I got two new pairs of pants from Becky so they are really old but new to me! I need to get two patches for them so the whole world doesn't see my behind. But they are free!

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