Saturday, March 01, 2003

Here is another day of our short lives here on earth. We got up this morning, went to the bank and then to the home and life show at Western Hall. This is the first time I have ever been to one of these shows. It was pretty cool my favorite booth was the scrapbook nook booth. I was there for a good 30 minutes. GG and J (mostly J) spent a lot of time looking at the different vehicles especially the hummer. It was only $63,000!!! That is crazy, some houses don’t even cost that much. GG’s favorite was the big blow up play place that all the kids were jumping in. I don’t know the real name for it. After she played in it the lady made her a flower balloon. All in all we had a lot of fun walking around and checking out every booth. When we were done with everything there it was time to eat. J decided (and I didn’t mind) we should go out to eat. This was a special treat because we hardly ever go out for food. We went to Shooters.(which is in the Days Inn) By the time we got home it was naptime for the kids. J played his playstation games and I finished reading the book Let’s Roll and wrapped the present for John’s birthday party tonight then the kids were awake! The party was fun. There were a lot of kids there almost too many. There was a kid crying every 10 seconds. Craziness. Just a reminder…please if you go into Wal-mart vote for our little Monkey! He is jar number 5. The contest ends March 9th. Thank you. Well J is having his friend Cober come over and play more games. We will probably all watch them. Then off to bed.

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