Monday, March 10, 2003

Update on GlamorGirl’s sleeping…she has been in her own bed every night except the night J went home. She came in the bed at around 4am. Also Monkey has started playing peek-a-boo with us this last week. It is too cute. He puts his head on my chest looking down and then I say where is Monkey?...and he looks up. He loves to play this new game with us. Today we had a wonderful day. Brian, Melissa and Cole came over to play and have lunch. We always say that Cole is GG’s boyfriend. Anyway they came around 10:30am and left at 1pm. Neither one of the kids wanted the fun to end. Oh well. Tonight we watched Fear Factor, that is such a gross show but I can’t help but watch it. J worked on pager so he wore his uniform all day, GG was telling Brian and Melissa that daddy worked at the hospital and drives the ambulance. It was funny because Brian works with him!!! Also today we got the privilege of talking to Virginia and Joe on the phone. We miss you guys move back here. Well we haven’t heard anything with J’s job yet. We are hoping to find out something by the 28th of March maybe earlier. For the last month GG has start the never ending questions. I am just glad that she doesn’t use the why question yet. Most of the time it is where is…what is that…or how come? At least we know that she wants to learn more. We are trying to raise her as a popular dork! I’m sure she will one day use the why question but we are hoping not for a while because they are harder to have answers for! That is about all for here.

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