Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Last night when J and GG got home from Wal-mart she had a new item. He bought her sunglasses. She loves them! She got to wear them outside this morning while we played at the park. This morning was great the kids slept until 9:15!!! It was so nice to get extra sleep. Me and the kids are getting a cold of some sort. GG and I have runny noses and major drainage. Monkey has another URI the doctor thinks that he may have asthma. I don’t think I mentioned that yesterday. He is only getting 92% pulseoximetery which he should be getting 98% - 100% in other words he should be getting more oxygen with each breath then he is getting. I think that we are going to try and get him a breathing treatment system. Every time he gets one at the hospital or doctor’s office there is a great difference in his breathing, plus it helps him to cough up some of the congestion instead of just swallowing it. I am so glad that I didn’t give him that medicine for a rash because he is now on three medicines. It would be no fun for him or us to be giving him meds for about two weeks straight. The side effects of these meds are that Monkey has been pooping up a storm, his poor little butt is so sore, red and even started bleeding a little. I gave him a bath to soak his little butt and of course GG was right there wanting to get in the tub too. So they took a bath together. Then she got out and J got in to take a shower and Monkey was in there the whole time. I am hoping that being out of his diaper that long will help his little butt. Time will tell. J is reading books with the kids right now! I love my husband and children. I am so blessed! (Plus, I have great friends, I am not going to name you all but you know who you are!)

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