Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Many things happened today, please bear with me. We got up and I called the doctor. Monkey has a rash on his chest and it has gotten worse and spread. The doctor wasn’t taking appointments today so he called in two prescriptions for him the receptionist told me one would be a cream and the other an antihistamine. After we got ready we all ran errands. Today the refund check came in the mail from Federal. Yea! So off to the bank we went and then we picked up Monkey’s prescriptions and they were both oral. I was so mad. He is a baby. In my opinion I think that a doctor should see a child before giving them a bunch of antibiotics and medicines. I called the doctor again and made an appointment for tomorrow, I’m not giving Monkey the medicine until the doctor sees what he has. I am just so sick of drugging my baby up on all this medicine. Since he has been born he has been on at least four different medications if not more. All right I am done venting. I will try and update you on the appointment tomorrow if I remember. After we got home it was naptime and J had a doctor’s appointment for his back again. He has another appointment on Thursday so we’ll see what happens with that. If I don’t update you on J, and you want to know just click on the link for J’s web log and you can read all about him! After the kids woke up from their naps we went to get J’s truck that has been in the shop all day. He got up early and took it there then the guys brought him home. It was nice not to have to go along with him. When we got home from that GG and I made turtle brownies to take to our friend’s house tomorrow. (I forgot to mention yesterday that she helped me make bbq beef for dinner. She poured the sauce in while I mixed.) The kitchen was full because at the same time J was making dinner (we had steaks) and Monkey was in his saucer watching us all. Then came dinnertime and we decided it was time for Monkey to go in the highchair (even though he doesn’t eat food yet) and GG to sit at the table with us. Well GG thought otherwise and threw a huge fit about how it was her chair. Even though she eats lunch everyday at the table and not in her highchair. Finally she realized that it was ok for Monkey to be in the highchair and for her to sit with mommy and daddy at the table. I just hope it won’t be like that every night, cause we are not buying another highchair. After dinner J and GG made blueberry muffins. She loves to help us cook and she takes a very active roll in it, sometimes too active! Virginia the way we make our refrigerator look full is by buying lots of drinks. So, by the end of the week it looks empty again. I am going to just relax the rest of the night, maybe try and get the kids to bed early since we have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. Last night GG fell asleep with the blanket over her head, daddy was watching tv. It was too bright for her. Tonight GG put the pasta strainer on her head (her hard hat) and sang Bob the Builder’s theme song. What a goof.

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