Friday, March 21, 2003

What a tiring day. We got up at 7:45am and we were out the door by 9:15am, by we I mean GG, Monkey and myself, J was subbing at Lincoln. I think I deserve an award for being super mom! It only took me an hour and a half to get all three of us fed, showered, dressed and on our way. It usually takes us over two hours to get ready in the morning and even when we have daddy's help it takes two hours at least. We went to playgroup and had a lot of fun playing. My friend Kristen the one that just found out she was pregnant told us that there is only one baby. (she had help getting pregnant and at the time of conception there were five follicles) She could of had five babies!!! It was a big relief to her to know there was only one. We were going to go to the support rally at Chandler Park for our troops but it was really windy and cold so I didn't want take the kids, besides GG was taking her nap at that time. It was so nice to have J come home at 2:30pm today. I wish he worked these hours every day but he doesn't. I can't complain because he doesn't work in house shifts very much. (the ones that he gets off at 7pm) When J got home from school we went to Clayton's house to get his bike he had stored there. Clayton is moving tomorrow. I made dinner while J and GG ran to the grocery store to get some things for tomorrow's lunches. HyVee's gas was 8 cents off today because it was the first day of spring so he also got gas for my car. After dinner I didn't feel so good so I laid down and still didn't feel good. I just wanted to sit in the tub and soak all by myself. But any mothers out there will know that never happens. I got in the tub and next thing I knew I had a naked little girl standing outside the tub asking to come in. So GG and I took a bedtime bath together. It was still somewhat relaxing, GG took a cup and poured water down my back. As she did that she said, "Make mommy feel better?" What a sweet little girl. I love her so much, along with the rest of my family! Oh yea, J claims that Monkey said Dada for the first time tonight. I didn't hear it but I guess I will believe him! That is it for us I am ready for bed.

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