Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Today was a rainy day. I want the nice weather back. Let’s see what happened today. We got up and ready then I talked to my friend Joanna, who I haven’t talked to in about 2 months. It was good to talk to her, I missed her. Then GG took an early nap because J wasn’t paying attention so her whole day has been thrown off. Maybe she will go to bed early, we can always hope. This afternoon we went to the Union and looked in the bookstore and got a piece of sbarro’s pizza. Then J got paged so we all went to the hospital. We were there way longer than I had hoped to be. I actually wasn’t planning on being at there at all. Oh well. GG did great for being there about 2 hours. We walked down to see if there were any babies, but they were all with their mommies. That wasted some time. We came home and made dinner and then just spend the rest of the evening relaxing. J did put handcuffs on GlamorGirl and she came up to me and said, “I’m under arrest”. It was hilarious! We still haven’t heard anything from the police departments. Oh another funny thing happened. Well it really isn’t funny. The other night GG and Monkey were playing with the blinds, which is a big no no in our family. J scolded both GG and Monkey the first time Monkey has gotten in trouble. You know what he did? He laughed. I thought to myself this child is going to think everything is funny. We are going to have our hands full if he just laughs at us when he gets in trouble. Not much else happened here so until tomorrow good night.

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