Wednesday, March 12, 2003

What a gorgeous day today! Happy Birthday Grandma A. Monkey and I got up and went to the doctor’s office. He said to give him the medicine that he prescribed, and then he wrote another prescription for a cream. But while we were there he said something that drove me absolutely crazy. The doctor told me Monkey needed to start eating baby food. He weighed 20lbs 6oz he has gained 8oz since Feb 28th. I think that he is growing just fine thank you doctor! Besides when I try and give him food he won’t eat it. I think that both Monkey and I have a better idea of when he is ready to start eating food then some doctor that sees him maybe 5 minutes every month or so. When we got back from the doctor we all went over to Win, Mary and Ben’s house to play and have lunch. I told them what happened at the doctor (about the rash) and they looked it up in two different medical books that they have. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to eliminate orange juice from my diet and see if that clears it up. The books both said it maybe the cause I guess we’ll see. So Monkey will not be getting the medicine unless taking the oj out of my diet doesn’t work. While we were at their house we had some awesome homemade pizza! The best I have ever had. After we ate Win and J took GG and Ben on a wagon ride to feed their neighbors horses. Mary and I talked which was nice. We were there from 11 to 2. We stop quickly at the chiropractor before coming home. When we got home GG rested on the couch for about 20 minutes and was ready to go again. Being so nice out we all went outside to play at the park. Then we took a family walk. I am so glad that it has decided to warm up. We had the windows open and it felt so good. Tonight GG and J made bread. It made the whole place smell so good.

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