Monday, March 03, 2003

Today our friends Amanda (she’s back from Florida) and Eric came over to see us. GlamorGirl had a lot of fun playing with Amanda and then she sat herself in Eric’s lap and watched Winnie the Pooh while we talked. J was on pager until 7 so we didn’t leave the house or doing anything much until he was off. Last night GG slept in her bed the whole night making it two nights in a row. One day (and I’m not pushing) maybe she will be in her own room! Tonight GG and I went to K-mart to get her a paint book. I majorly dislike that store. First of all I have no idea where anything is and secondly you can never find someone to help you. They also had one check out going. Then we came home and watched the end of the show Fear Factor, it was gross. I am really tired and can’t think of anything else that happened today.

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