Wednesday, March 05, 2003

This morning we got to spend about half an hour with J before he left for his trip. Before he left I laid Monkey on his tummy and the next time I looked at him he was sitting up! He has been trying to do that for the last couple of days. Then the rest of us got ready and Monkey took his morning nap and GG and I played in the toy room. We ate lunch and waited for J to call and tell us he got there safely. At 2:30pm the phone rang and I thought to myself this better be J considering he left here at 9:30am. It was his mom she was told to call and let me know he got there. (he was changing clothes) His interview with the detective was at 3. Cutting it a little close if you ask me. Then she told me that he had been there for about an hour. What a little punk. I was here waiting to hear from him. Oh well at least he got there safely. For some reason GG has been singing the song, Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed, all day long. Thank you J for teaching her that song. My favorite line that she sings is, “mama called the doctor and the doctor said NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED.” Her voice changes into a deep one when she says the capitalized letters. I fight back the laughter. But usually we both end up cranking up, which might be the reason she keeps singing the song! This afternoon while the little ones took their naps I tried to update Monkey’s web page but half way through I got disconnected from the internet. I was going to finished it tonight when I was on the internet doing my journal and checking emails. But the page wasn't working so I guess I will try again tomorrow. I did get some new pictures up though. I did also get to talk to J about everything that happened in his interview. I think things are looking up he has already went from being 8th to either 7th or 6th, but at least 7th. We will know more after the background and polygraph are done. I will try to keep you updated. Well I am heading to bed. Oh yeah GG slept in her bed again last night! Speaking of bed Monkey rolled into GG's bed last night. It scared me to death. At least it wasn't a far fall.

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