Monday, March 24, 2003

This is going to be short because I am really tired. Last night GG was awake for about 2 hours just sitting in her bed looking at me. While she was doing that Monkey wanted to nurse every hour it seemed like it was probably more like 2 hours in between but when you are tired it doesn't matter. You just don't want to be awake! Anyway today is Joe's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! J was off of work today so we got to spend most of the day together. It was great. This morning we went grocery shopping because we didn't do it last night. After lunch I went to the scrapbook nook and got some really cool things for scrapbooking. I spent $25 which isn't that bad and I got four things. I got a circle and oval shape cutter, cutter and a cutter board. We played at the park today shock shock. It was so nice out. We grilled out and had steak kabobs and french fries. Before dinner GG and I ran back to the grocery store because we forgot a few things. Just now GG said, "we're sitting as a family" we are all sitting in a row, what a goof. She's good at stating the obvious!

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