Monday, March 31, 2003

I forgot to mention this yesterday but Monkey had two firsts…his first tooth broke through, it was the bottom left and he pulled himself to a standing position. He hasn’t really pulled himself up today but we haven’t been home that much were he has been awake that is. Which brings me to today. I am going on very little sleep due to my poor little girl who couldn’t get herself to sleep last night. She just kept coughing, tossing and turning she couldn’t fall asleep. Finally at 4am I make a decision that no matter how much she didn’t want her medicine she was going to get it because I was tired and needed to go to sleep plus, J had to be at work at 6:45am. If I would of known she was going to fall asleep right after getting her medicine I would of given it much sooner. However, I really didn’t want to fight her to get it in her, I was tired. So now that we have established that I am tired here is what we did today. We got up at 9:20am because that is what time Monkey woke up so both GG and I got up, GG needed a lot of help! We ate, got showered and ran to the grocery store to pick up root beer and cookies for our play date with Ethan. While we were in the shower GG asked, “where is daddy?” I told her at the hospital. She said, “No, he is fixing peoples owies and making them feel better. He gives them Band-Aids too.” I told her she was right. Then she adds, “He drives the ambulance and crashes.” I don’t know why she says that? We got to Ethan’s at 11am and stayed until 2pm. As we were leaving I decided that we should run out to the hospital (we were already out) and see J. We brought him some cookies. Then we came home and GG took a nap while Monkey and I played. Then Monkey fell asleep and GG fell off of the couch so she came over to the chair and sat on my lap just to fall back asleep again. So they were finally both asleep so I took advantage of it and fell asleep too. I got a half an hour. When we woke up Matt stopped by to give the kids an early Easter basket and stayed a talked for a while. I am glad that we were home because he didn’t call first. J came home at 7:15pm and we ate dinner, now we are relaxing and getting ready for bed. I think that we will all sleep good tonight at least I hope. J is off of work tomorrow and the only thing on the agenda is grocery shopping because we got home too late on Sunday. Oh yea, GG is doing much better she only has a cough and Monkey has three more days of medicine, he also seems to be doing much better and I am feeling better too.

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