Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Well last night was rough. I woke up with GlamorGirl in the bed next to me at 2 something. I moved her so I could have more room and rolled into a wet spot. I then checked her and she was wet. We all got up and changed the bedding and GG went to the bathroom. I feel bad she was sad and told me she tried to wake me up. I was so tired from watching Ellie and getting up early I didn’t hear her. I can’t complain this is only the third time she has wet the bed in over 6 months of being potty trained. I think that she is doing great. Hopefully next time I will hear her. Today J had off so we all got to sleep in until 9:30am it was great. Then we got up and ready and spent a lot of time at the park playing and taking a walk as a family. We even did a little cam cording of the kids on the swings. Then tonight after dinner the New Parent Program had a Gym night from 6 to 7:30pm. We all went, then Breckin and I left early to go to the LLL meeting at 7pm. We got back at 8:30 and J and GG got home shortly after. Then we started our nightly routine of getting ready for bed. Monkey is already sleeping and GG is pretty close and this is early for both of them. Tonight I also got my fill of McDonalds shamrock shacks on the way to the LLL meeting. Well I am off to bed.

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