Tuesday, March 04, 2003

What a day we had here! The morning was great. We got up, ate breakfast and took showers. Then I put Monkey to sleep for his morning nap. While he slept GG and I colored and water painted some pictures. Then we ate a late lunch because we weren't going to eat dinner until after 7pm. J worked today and he got off at 7pm. But he ended up getting home at 8:15pm, at least I tried to have a hot meal for him. The most interesting thing happened after the kids woke up from their afternoon naps. The detective from J's first choice job called to do a background check on him. He asked me all kinds of questions. It was a little nerve racking because he asked my opinion and then asked me to give an example of what I meant. I think it went pretty good. J is going to have to take another trip this week to talk to this detective. I guess this is the price we pay for getting him a job. (time and gas money!) GG slept in her bed again last night. Yea. The rest of the night we spend talking about stuff and now we are getting ready for bed. I just got done reading Virginia’s journal and I am sorry that I forget sometimes to tell you what has happened. I am a mother of two and very, very tired. So Virginia and anyone else out there that thinks that I forget to update on things I said I would I am truly sorry!

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