Sunday, March 23, 2003

We woke up to late to get ready for church. We forgot to set the alarm, oops. That was ok with me because last night Monkey woke up about every 1 ½ to 2 hours wanting to nurse. I think that he is having a growth spurt. After we all got ready we went outside for a walk it was an awesome day out with the temp of 68! Half way through the walk J’s back started hurting so he went inside. He took Monkey with him because he had fallen asleep in the stroller. GG and I finished the walk and then went to the park to do some swinging! Then around 11:30am we went over to Ted and Joanna’s to get J’s scooter. I have to tell you this cute story of what happened in the car on the way over there. GG asked, “Daddy please open my window” so he did and she said, “thank you” J didn’t respond to her thank you so I told her she was welcome. Then she says, “thank you mommy for answering me!” It was too cute. We ended up staying there til about 1pm. It turns out that their neighbor is a friend of mine. When we got home we ate lunch and the little ones took naps. Right after they fell asleep J got paged to the hospital, he had to go on a transfer. At least he will be getting good money for it. The kids napped and when they woke up we played in the toy room for a while we haven’t played in there since it has been so nice out. It was a good change. J ended up getting home at 9pm so we didn’t end up going grocery shopping today like we normally do. But tomorrow J is off of work so we are going to do it then. I am also planning on going to the scrapbook nook by myself tomorrow. We’ll see if I will be able to leave Monkey tomorrow. I think he might be coming down with something again because he has started getting clingy like he does when he isn’t feeling good.

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