Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Alright the picture saga continues...I called the manager today and I got her voice mail so I left a message. I have heard no answer so I will call again tomorrow. This morning Monkey slept until 11:45 he must of needed the extra sleep. Right now they are both in bed sleeping. I really hope they stay there cause it is only 9:15pm. The kids and I went grocery shopping tonight with grandma and had a really late dinner. Monkey put his first sentence together today. He said, "more heese" he wanted more cheese! I was so proud of him. He is talking a lot more now. He also plays this game where you ask him where so and so is and he points. He even points to Brandey the dog when asked. J and I were laughing at him this morning (well after he woke up) he was turning himself in circles and he was so crazy and out of control it was funny. He kept falling...he would laugh and get up and do it again. I love the age he is at right now. They are learning new things so fast and aren't old enough to talk back or be naughty. He is just so cute to watch! GG on the other hand is just a grown up little girl. She was talking to J this morning and I just looked at her and thought, wow where did the time go? She communicates so well and clearly. She has wonderful thoughts...and she is able to share them with us. Last night we were going to bed and I was holding her she looked at me and said, "Mommy I am so comfortable in your arms." What a little sweetheart! I am looking into getting her into some kind of dance or tumbling class. She really want to learn how to do a cartwheel. Oh yeah the other day Monkey did a somersault. It shocked the pants off of me! GG must of been teaching him how to do that. I know I haven't. She is a great teacher...because she can explain things so great anyone could understand.

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