Friday, November 14, 2003

Number two day off...this morning J made pancakes for breakfast. They were very good and tasty. Also J cleaned/organized the garage so that I can park my car in it for the winter. The only thing was that the opener didn't work. So we had to go get a new one. This afternoon we got family pictures taken and I am thinking of updating the kids pages again. I have the family pictures plus some pictures from grandma's camera. When we got the new garage door opener we also got a screen for the fireplace. So right now we have a nice fire going. It is so warm and homey down here. It really makes it feel like it is our place...sorta. When we got home from the pictures I made dinner and J gave Monkey a hair cut. He used his electric razor. I think it is really short but he looks cute. Then J gave himself a hair cut. Both the boys needed to clean the hair off so both the kids and J took a bubble bath. I sat in there and talked with them. We will probably end this evening with some stories and then to bed. We have a somewhat busy day tomorrow.

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