Tuesday, November 18, 2003

So today has been a roller coaster of good and bad things. The good is that my brother is home from Iraq. The bad is that I went to Wal-mart today about the crappy disk they gave me. Anyways, I drove about a 20 minute drive and took the disk there. The girl couldn't tell me if the pictures were still on it and told me I needed to come back when her boss was there. When she talked to me on the phone she could of told me she didn't know how to do it and that I should come when her boss was there. I didn't need to hear that in person. I was so mad...I had both kids with me too. I now am armed with her bosses phone number and pager so that I can talk to her tomorrow. So it still isn't settled. I just want those pictures back they were super cute. Before I forget I misspelled the word choo choo yesterday and J made fun of me. So sorry I wasn't thinking and spelled the word the first way that came to my mind. After we got done with Wal-mart it was time for the LLL meeting. GG was so funny. I wanted her to stay home with grandma but at the last minute she wanted to come with me. So I let her. She was sitting in the car saying, "Thank you for letting me go to the laleche meeting and play with my friends." I didn't know she could say that word let alone know that was where we were going. All of this by the way happened after lunch. This morning J had court (yesterday on his way to court he got pulled over for speeding!) so he was gone when I got up with GG. I turned on tv for her so I could go shower...Monkey was sleeping. When I came back down Monkey was awake and sitting next to GG watching tv with her. It was the cutest picture. I love that he gets out of bed himself and can find comfort in knowing GG was out here watching tv. He loves her as much as she loves him. It is great!!! Then the kids and I ran some errands today, we went to the library and the grocery store. Came home, made dinner, and left for the rest of the night which was already talked about above! Wow, this is a long post.

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