Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Last night my dad told me I should go get my masters so that I wouldn't be bored at home. I told him I was definitely not bored. Then he said I could get a promotion with a masters. Oh goody, I could be an executive mommy!!! Anyways, tonight before I started writing this I looked back at a few random entries. Trust me I have proof that I do not live a boring life. How could you with two very active kids?!? I am just so glad that J encouraged (even begged) me to start a journal...it is so much fun to look back at funny things that happen. And even my other journal I just recently started that is about me. I will have those thoughts to look back on too. Last night he read my journal about the doctor's office and he laughed so hard about GG and the shoe tongue that he almost woke the kids up. I don't know if I would of remembered to tell him that story this morning. On with today! We woke up in a sauna. It was so hot in the bedroom that both kids left sweat marks where their heads were. Hopefully we got that fixed though. Our day consisted of playing with playdough, coloring, playing memory, (I only had to play once...I timed it so that we were done when grandma got home!), singing songs, doing 3 loads of laundry, cleaning up the toys, and then vacuuming, taking a bath, and reading books before bed. Doing the laundry was fun Monkey even got in on the action. When the clothes get done washing I put them on the door to the dryer and he pushed them in with GG's help, of course! Then GG folds her clothes and puts them away. This is such a neat trick :) Monkey puts the socks into a pile for me...and throws the unfolded clothes all over the place! Oh J locked grandma out of the basement this morning she wasn't to happy about that :( One more thing...about J's blog and the negativity I totally agree. Life is to short to be so down and depressed. You are alive and healthy (by healthy I mean you don't have a life threatening illness) that is something to be positive and happy about.

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