Saturday, November 29, 2003

Wow what a great day we had! We slept in this morning and then we put up our Christmas tree. The kids had so much fun doing that. Then we put up our other Christmas decorations including our stockings. It is so Christmasy down here it rocks! We got done in time to have lunch with J before he went to work and then my maid of honor Kris came about 2ish. We talked and talked. She played with the kids and they had so much fun. She stayed for dinner, so we had a lot of company for dinner because my parents had friends over too. They had a little girl who is 4. You guessed it GG and Isabel played together and had a lot of fun. They even let Monkey play too. Which I forgot to mention...yesterday at the Thanksgiving there was a little boy GG age that her and Monkey played with. The kids have had three great days of playing with friends. J and I have had a great time being with great people too. I love the holidays!!! My friend Kris just left and I wanted to update real quick before I jumped into bed. Oh here is a cute story. GG fell the other day and got a bruise. The company tonight asked her what happened and when. She couldn't remember when it happened so she came to me and asked, "Did I fall yesterday, Friday or two weeks ago?" That sentence was just to cute. The way a 2 year old's mind works :)

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