Sunday, November 16, 2003

What a wonderfully fun day we had yesterday and today for that matter. Yesterday we went to J's Aunt Judy's retirement party. I got to meet for the second time some of his cousins on his dad's side. The first was at our wedding but when you have about 450 people it is hard to remember people you have never met before. Anyways, his cousins had kids GG and Monkey's ages. They were two girls about 4 months younger than GG, a five year old little girl, and another girl about 6 months younger than Monkey. They had a great time playing with their 3rd or 2nd (?) cousins. We exchanged phone numbers and hopefully we can set up some play dates! I forgot before we went to the party the kids got their presents from Grandma A...all the way from London. She got Monkey a Bobby Hat (it is a London police hat that he looks super cute in) and a sword. She got GG a London teddy bear and a really cute magnet set. The magnets are circles that connect and it is battery operated to turn the magnets. Both kids like watching them. We spent the night at J's parents. Went to church this morning and had lunch with his family. Then he went to work and the kids and I came home. Aunt Becky was in town so we hung out with her. If she is reading this I want her to know that I love her very much! It was good to see you. Then my dad dropped a bomb on me about him needing my car tomorrow for work. So I guess I am going to be stranded in this house all day tomorrow. That is going stink. He better get his car back tomorrow. I just filled my car up too. Oh well.

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