Sunday, November 23, 2003

We are back home. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa (pampa as Monkey says!) and Aunty Liz. He doesn't say grandma yet. I slept horrible last was a combination of Liz blasting her music all night and sleeping on a paper thin mattress. Oh well. We DID make it to sunday school and church! Yay :) GG had a great time in her class too and then she played in the nursery during church. Monkey went to class with us and I sat with him in the parents room during the service it worked out good. For lunch Sue made a huge meal...chicken, steak, sausage, veggies, cheese potatoes, fruit cocktail and apple pie. It was very yummy! Travis is here and my dad is in Las Vegas on a business trip. GG is sleeping on the couch right now which I think is a bad idea because it is almost 6:30pm and J and Monkey are playing playstation together! A very cute picture opportunity. Oh yeah at church I got to see a baby that was born on the 14th of this month so she is only 9 days old. I think I want another one!!!! J and I talked about it last night, actually I talked and J listened. He did say that he thought are two kids were prefect and if we had another one they might not be, he was joking of course, he really doesn't think they are prefect. I'm almost positive he thinks I'm nuts though for wanting another one! I guess we'll see if God has a plan for us to have another one.

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