Monday, November 24, 2003

I can't even explain how much fun it is to have J home for the whole day! I love his days off. This morning GG and J went to get his truck's emissions tested. Monkey and I spent that time just playing together the two of us. We had a lot of fun coloring, playing with playdough, kicking the ball and catching it, playing with other toys and reading stories. It is very rare that it is just me and one of the kids especially Monkey. GG doesn't take naps so we have time together while Monkey is sleeping. Anyway that time with Monkey was special for me. I also know that GG had a great time with J spending time together. She was so excited when she came home to tell me what they did together. Then J and I worked out our budget. We were suppose to do that last night but someone fell asleep! (J) Then we had our first family meeting. The kids sat on the couch and J and I sat on the floor in front of them and we talked about things. GG also had input in the meeting. We are going to try doing them at least once a month now. Grant it the meeting was short and sweet because we have a 1 and 2 year old! While Monkey took his nap GG and J played the was the golf game and GG beat J at the game. She loved it. This afternoon we made paperweight handprints of the kids hands. We are going to be painting them tomorrow or the next day. Now we have another fire going. I want a fireplace when we get a place of our own! We just got done recording the kids on the camcorder. They are going to die in a few years when they see the tapes :) I am going to go enjoy the fire now. Travis just came downstairs and he and J are going to play playstation. What fun!!!!

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