Sunday, November 30, 2003

We didn't make it to Sunday School like I had hoped. But we did get to church. J didn't get off work until 3 something. We went back to his parents after church and ate lunch then he left for work. The kids and I hung out there until evening church. They had puppets and singing tonight. Both the kids loved watching the puppets. The people and their puppet had a great message to share with people of every age. I thought that Monkey wasn't going to make it through the whole thing but he did really well with a few nursings here and there. He has been nursing like crazy the last day and night. I checked his mouth to see if he was getting any new teeth and I can feel one that is trying to come through but hasn't broken the skin yet. For some reason he seems to teeth two to four teeth at a time. Poor kid is in pain. I did give him some teething tablets and they seem to help him. Whoever invented those things I am very grateful! They have worked great with both of our kids. That was my little infomercial! (I don't think I spelled that right and I don't really feel like checking...even though it probably would of been quicker than typing this long sentence!) I need to go because I am tired and I fear I might again spend the rest of the night with a Monkey attached. I usually can sleep while he is nursing but not lately.

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