Saturday, November 01, 2003

We had the best Halloween ever! We didn't get home last night until 12:15am. So I am going to update about yesterday...J made me breakfast in bed for my birthday and Monkey brought me the card that GG made me. She did a great job with writing the letters it looked great. She did have a little trouble with the p's. After we woke up we got ready for the action packed day. We went to Wal-mart in the morning. Had lunch at home and tried to get the kids to take naps. Monkey did but GG was too excited about trick or treating. When Monkey woke up we got them in their costumes. GG was the cutest ladybug ever (people even said that when they saw her) and Monkey was the sweetest little skeleton (everyone thought he looked super cute too). Then we took them around the neighborhood to about 5 houses at 3:30pm, mainly just people we knew. GG was so sweet when the first person came to the door she said, "May I please have some candy?" We told her all she had to say was trick or treat. So she did at the next house. Then we went to the Mall to trick or treat at 5pm. As we walked around GG either said, "trick or treat" followed by thank you or "Happy Halloween", followed by thank you. The Mall is such a great idea, because you stay warm. I loved showing the kids off. The people gave them hand fulls of candy. Then we went to a store were we bought our wedding rings and the lady was there and gave the kids balloons along with the candy. We had other kids come up to us asking where they got the balloons. J said to me, "they got them for being the cutest kids in the world!" After the Mall we went to the police station and fire station to trick or treat but to mainly show off our cute kids ;) Then it was off to the party at 6:30pm, which we trick or treated at too. (YES the kids got a lot of candy yesterday) The party was a lot of fun. J was so amazed at how well Monkey did at the M's party because he didn't want to be held a lot and there was about 25 to 30 people there! He is growing out of the stranger anxiety stage. Anyway before we went t & t' ing we got into 5 groups and did a scavenger hunt trick or treat. It was a unique idea I thought, and a lot of fun too. We left the M's party at 9ish and drove to the K's house were grandma and grandpa A. were. They were at a party too and GG and Monkey were the only kids there. So GG ate up all the attention, Monkey was sleeping by now. We left there at 10ish and went to J's parents house for a spontaneous sleepover. However, Monkey woke up and GG was wired from eating so much candy. At about 11:40 we decided that they weren't going to fall asleep anytime soon and they only way to calm them down was to put them in the car and drive the 35 minutes home. It worked like a charm they crashed in the car about 10 minutes into the drive! We got home at 12:15am and that was the end of our day. I do want to say thank you to everyone that sent me a birthday card, email and present for my birthday. Also for all the birthday calls too! You made me feel loved :) I still can't believe I am 25 with two beautiful children and a super husband. I love my life.

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