Monday, November 03, 2003

So today was a somewhat lazy day. It was so rainy and yucky out that for the most part of the morning the kids and I cuddle on the couch together watching cartoons. This was a treat because they don't get to watch tv that much maybe one show a day or one movie. It was something we could do and still be quite enough for J to get some sleep. Then the kids both took naps after lunch which gave me some free time to start the laundry. When they woke up they helped me fold the clothes. GG is getting really good at folding her shirts and pants. She loves to help with chores and this is a great one for her to do. Then tonight grandpa came home early from work. He normally works until 9pm so we see very little of him. But tonight he was home at 6pm. He gave the kids some gifts too. GG got a Dora Clock, she absolutely loves it. She walked around for about an hour saying, "I really really love my new clock." Monkey got a stuffed animal, he wasn't too interested in it. It was cute though it was a mommy bear and a baby bear. After dinner we ate some ice cream yummy! Then I put the kids in the bath. GG had chocolate ice cream on her belly, Monkey just wanted to take a bath too. He actually threw a fit when I took him out tonight. There was no water in the tub but he still wanted to stay in. My boy likes baths! Now I am going to get the kids to bed. Goodnight!

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