Monday, November 17, 2003

This morning was so funny. I went to put on Monkey’s firetruck shirt and instead said, his chew chew train. GG corrected me. Then she told on me when J came in the room. It was really funny. She said, “Daddy! Mommy called Monkey’s firetruck a chew chew train. She said the wrong thing.” Thanks GG for putting me in my place. This afternoon I checked the temperature and it said it was 52 out so I thought we could go to the park to play. We were there for only 10 minutes because we were all cold. It was a nice try, anyways. Oh remember how I said we got family pictures taken and I was going to update the pages with them. Well we went to get the pictures off the disk and it didn’t work. So J called and talked to the lady and she called again after he had left for work so I talked to her. She said that we should bring the disk in and she will check to see if the pictures are on it. If they are she can copy them to a new disk but if they aren’t they are gone. She said she would refund our money. Those pictures were too cute. I don’t want the money back I want the pictures back. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow when I go there. I just really hope that if the pictures are lost they will give me back the money and give me the hard copies free, for them messing up. I don’t think that is unreasonable of a request. They are the ones that messed up. Anyway back to a better topic. Today the kids were sitting on the couch…GG leaned over and started whispering in Monkey ear. The faces that Monkey was making while GG was talked to him was so funny for J and I to watch. It was like he was really listening to what she was saying and trying to process it. J and I could hear what she was saying to him and it was…Monkey, pinch Monkey’s butt. What a goof she is. I have my car back again too. The only bad thing is that it stalled on Roberta today so dad is trying to tell me what to do to get it fixed. Hi…have you met me I’m 25 married and have two kids. I think I can handle my car troubles. UUUGGGHHH! The kids are beginning to be such great helpers with the laundry. Monkey is getting the hang of it now! I have been forgetting to mention this but GG has invented an imaginary friend (pet) it is a kitty named Molly. She is so fun to watch pet it and hold it. J was really confused the first time she showed him Molly because she was pointing to the floor and he thought she saw a bug. She loves to point out bugs. But then she explained herself to him and he then understood.

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