Thursday, November 13, 2003

J had the day off today. We had a pretty lazy morning...I played memory with GG. Then after lunch we got into the car for a road trip to NIU to see Aunt Becky. Holy Cow! I am so glad I went to WIU...the dorm rooms at NIU are super small. They have no a/c for when it is hot and they can't control the heat. I'm not saying that WIU is better but man I'm glad I went there! Another thing they do is they have a weekly food allowance and if you don't use what is on the card you lose it. With Western you got a food card for the whole semester. We had dinner in their cafeteria too. It wasn't the best food ever but it wasn't that bad either. It was just cafeteria food. Anyway, we met a friend of Becky's named Ruby and she was really nice. Plus, she told Becky that she should listen to J and I about school stuff. I guess J helped her decide what area of nursing she wanted to do. But she is only a freshman and has plenty of time to change her mind! While we were there GG called a girl. It was hilarious. She talked to her for about 5 minutes. She told her name and then asked what the girls name was. I guess the girl said Brandy. GG responded with, "That's a dogs name. My grandma M's dog's name is Brandy." It was cute to see how grown up she is when talking to a complete stranger! Then on the way home J was talking about getting a secondary gun and I was actually thinking maybe it won't be such a bad idea if it will help his safety but after tonights ER I am rethinking the whole thing. I will just say that I was so incredibly mad at J tonight during the show. If you saw it tonight you will probably know what I am talking about. I know that GG knows that she shouldn't touch guns because we have had many talks about it. We have even tested her with J's air soft gun we put it on the ground and when she sees it she points at it and says, "Oh NO! Daddy! Mommy! there is a gun on the floor. Come get it." She doesn't touch it! She is a smart girl but a gun is still a deadly weapon.

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