Saturday, November 08, 2003

So last night Monkey woke up at about 2am not very happy. I don't know what the deal was but it took him about 15 minutes to settle back down. I mean he didn't even want to nurse...the boy is always attached! This morning we are getting a door installed from the basement to the upstairs. I am hoping this will keep the basement warmer. We can light candles and the heat will stay down here. So that is pretty much all of the excitement for today. We are going to be going over to J's parents house to have another sleepover so that we will be able to make it to sunday school. Oh I forgot to mention this yesterday but when we were waiting for my dad to get home sitting in the dark...I was saying that he needed to get his burgerbutt home. GG was so funny and said, "What was that about, mommy? You called grandpa a burgerbutt! That's really gross." Grandma and I got a good laugh from that one.

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