Monday, November 10, 2003

Coughing was the first thing I heard this morning from both the kids. That made us start the calling for an appointment at a family practice. They got one for 1:30 and 1:45pm. It was the same place J went to when he was little. So it was about a 30 minute drive, especially because I didn't know where I was going. J had court again today at 1:30 and so he left a little after 12 and we left shortly after him. I was happy to learn that it hasn't gone into Monkey's lungs and that it is just viral (for now at least) and hopefully won't turn into bacterial. They checked GG too just to be safe. Her cough wasn't as bad anyway. Monkey weighed in at 25 lbs and 32 inches. Wow has he grown!!! GG weighed 30 lbs (never thought I would see the day she left the 20's) and is 37 inches tall. Cute story that happened while we were at the doctor's. The nurse was taking GG vitals and was going to get her temperature...the nurse told her to put it under her tongue. So GG took her shoe off thinking she meant the shoe tongue! The nurse thought that was really smart of her but I just thought it was pretty funny. You have to understand we take her temperature under the arm and her old doctor took it in the ear. This was completely new to her :) We didn't get home from there until 3:30pm. We played games until it was time to make dinner. So after dinner the kids and I were having a spinning contest/spin off. Basically what it was is that I spun the kids and they tried to walk to grandma without falling over! I was spinning Monkey and GG decided to grab my leg (I told her to let go) and wouldn't let go so she went flying into the wall about 10 seconds later. So I stopped with Monkey (both of us dizzy) and put him down to go see what was wrong with GG. While I went to her, he fell I had sat him on his butt knowing he couldn't stand. But he still fell back. It was quite the site...GG crying because she just flew into the wall, Monkey crying because he just fell because he was too dizzy to sit up and I was holding them both on the floor because I couldn't stand without falling over myself. After they calmed down they both wanted to do it again. I guess it was just to fun to stop! Right now the kids are playing with their school buses, they each have their own. They also just got done taking a bath so they are starting to settle down for bed. YEAH!

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