Thursday, November 20, 2003

Still nothing from the picture people. And now I have to call a company and demand my rebate that they are snubbing us on. I hate doing stuff like that. Maybe I will ask J to do it instead. This morning we got up and went to the MOPS group. It was the open gym day. The kids run around and play then they do the parachute, sing songs and read books. GG was so cute, she heard a little girl crying and she came up to me so concerned that she was crying, she begged me to help her find the little girls mommy. I watched her stop playing with the kids she was playing with to come get me. She has the best heart. I remember once this summer we were at the park (the one outside our apartment) and there was a baby doll on the ground and she had me go door to door to find out who it belonged to so that the baby doll wouldn't be sad without it's mommy. Back to today we came home just in time for lunch. I was hungry! Let's see what else happened today...oh Monkey likes to blow bubbles with his mouth. He stands there and does it for about 30 minutes at a time. What a silly little boy. Today we went through of the kids' toys. I put all the pieces back with their parts, legos in the box and Mrs. Potato head pieces in her "butt" you know things like that. I also pulled out some toys that they have outgrown. I am going to box them up and put them in storage. I just don't want to get rid of them. The cool thing about going through the toys is that it sparked interest into both of the kids and they have been playing with them non-stop. They play with their toys (ending in fights over them sometimes) but I guess see them all made them want to play with all of them at once. Kind of like having Christmas early. I didn't mind. They didn't fight over any of the toys. Well GG is sleeping and I need to get Monkey to bed because I am tired I got up early this morning.

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