Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Welcome to the world little Gavin Joel! My friend Kristen had her baby today :) They sent pictures and I will say he is really, really cute! I told GG that her friend Ethan has a baby brother now and his name is Gavin. She said, "OH boy, that's really cool! I want to go see him. Do you think I could hold him mommy? ...I want a baby sister." I love how toddlers minds work. Today we went grocery shopping with daddy and also to Wal-mart. Then this afternoon I got an unexpected phone call from my maid of honor Kris. She is coming to town in two weeks and is going to stay with us for a few days. I am really excited!!! I love showing off my beautiful children. I also got a call from Linda from church they are doing a hayride and bonfire this weekend in Forreston. We were planning on going but we are going to be going J's Aunt's retirement party instead. She really wants to see the kids and specifically asked for us to attend. We are happy to oblige. And Virginia I left you a message in your journal about your question, so read it. I think it will make you feel better :)

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