Thursday, November 27, 2003

I'll start with yesterday! Most of the day we spent with Uncle Travis and Aunt Becky. At night we went to church and then to the M's house for a party. The party was a blast and GG had fun playing with two little girls Autumn (7) and Erin (5). Monkey chased a little girl named Olivia around hugging and kissing her. I have a little stud on my hands!!! GG was sad though because grandma and grandpa didn't come to the party so she didn't get to spend the night there last night. It was heartbreaking, she was looking forward to it all day and she even helped me pack her book bag of things she wanted to bring. Oh well maybe another day?!?

So today Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We watched the parade this morning the kids really liked that especially, Snoopy! Then we ate lunch and got ready to go to the J's house. We had so much fun. There was about 40 to 45 people there, all wonderful people too. We ate so much food and it was good :) Then everyone there got in a circle and we passed a bottle around and a cup of popcorn kernels. When they came to you, you told the group what you were thankful for the year. Then you put a kernel in the bottle. When the cup got to GG she said she was thankful for; Mommy, Daddy, baby doll and Monkey. (in that order!)Before we started though GG was eating up the attention she was getting from everyone. She was singing Jesus loves the little children as she walked the circle which then turned into running the circle. She also did somersaults and cartwheels for everyone. She loves to entertain. Someone even said we should put her in the children's choir because she sings her songs on key! She is such a ham. Now Monkey on the other hand was a little more timid than her but by the end of the day he had warmed up enough to go exploring. We got home around 10:30ish and we just got GG settled down and sleeping but Monkey took a nap there and he is wide awake so J and him are playing the PS2 golf game. That was funny too because J pulled out the controller and Monkey immediately went to the game sitting seat. He is now clapping for J! Well I need to go to bed we have another day of eating tomorrow. Oh yeah J got today off to spend Thanksgiving with us, what a nice husband!

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