Monday, January 19, 2004

Alright today was a lot of fun. This morning as we were getting ready I was prepping GG for tonight, when we went to the YMCA. Aunt Becky was here until about 1:30pm so we did stuff with her until she went back to school. Then before J left we had some fun family time. We played Simon Says and danced the hokey pokey about 5 times. Then after J left I laid Monkey down for a nap. GG and I painted and colored, when she was done with that we played with puzzles until Monkey woke up. We had to put them away because Monkey kept stepping on them. We had an early dinner and we headed to work. GG had so much fun playing tonight and she learned how to get up the stairs in the play thingy...the type that is in McDonalds. She has always been too short and she still is but she learned how to use the net to get up. She was ecstatic!!! Which reminds me we had her weighed and measured on her birthday she is 36 inches tall and 28.5 pounds. My little peanut. We also measured Monkey because he wanted in on the fun. He was 32 inches tall the same as GG was when she turned 2 he is only 18 months. He is going to be taller than her. That is a good thing. Back to today...Monkey had a little trouble while we were at work. I was expecting that because it was a new place and for a long period of time. We were there for 3 1/2 hours. I did nurse him twice for about 5 minutes each time to give him some comfort. Once he got hurt and the second was because he was getting tired and I think he might of been hungry. When we got home I made the kids some ramon noodles and they ate the whole thing...just the two of them. Monkey ate as much as GG too. Then we came downstairs and went through the bedtime routine and GG was in bed by 9:30 only 30 minutes late. Not bad since I worked until 8:30. Monkey was right behind her too. In two weeks I am going to work mornings. If you want to know more about my work experience today check out my other journal. That's all for tonight.

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