Tuesday, January 27, 2004

This morning I got up and went to work, the kids stayed home with J. It feels weird without them with me. But I think it is good for them to have alone daddy time. Today is grandma M's birthday so yesterday we made cards for her. GG wrote Happy Birthday Gram! Love GG and on Monkey's card I wrote Happy birthday Grandma Love B-money. She asked me what that was all about today. I told her that J calls Monkey that and when we did the card I asked him if he wanted me to sign it Monkey, Monkey-man or B-money. He said no for the first two and yes to the last so that is the way I signed it. We had dinner just the three of us and that was nice. I wished J could of been there but you can't always have what you want. Like today J bid on a car on ebay and lost the auction. He wasn't upset he just realizes that God has a better plan for us. We will get the vehicle we need in His time...not ours. Even though it is so hard to wait sometimes. I just got done giving the kids a bath and doing the bedtime routine (GG is in bed and Monkey is on his way) because they are going with me tomorrow morning, J has court. It is going to be crazy because after court he is coming to pick up GG and bring her home to get her ready for dance class at 12:30. Monkey and I get done at 12 and we will come home and pick them up to go to class. I am just glad it all works out and that both J and I can still watch her class. If he gets days he won't be able to go unless he is off on Wednesdays. I have no funny stories for today. J might, he did spend the whole morning with them!!!

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