Monday, January 05, 2004

I woke up this morning feeling dizzy. I laid down on the couch and fell back to sleep. I didn't mean too it just happened. After my nap I felt better. I got the kids bathed and dressed. After lunch J watched the kids and I went to Target to get GG's ballet shoes for her dance class. As I was looking at them this lady told me that Payless had ballet shoes. I didn't want to get them at Payless or I would be there, right? Anyway after I got them I went grocery shopping. Then came home to my family. They were playing with Monkey's train set. As I was making dinner GG started singing a song from Grandpa's magical toys (movie), she only watches it at grandma and grandpa A's house. This is what she sang, "I am a pretty little dutch girl. As pretty as I can be. All the boys in the neighborhood are crazy over naybe (me). My boyfriends name is Mello. He comes from a land of jello. With a pickle for a nose and cherry for a nose and thats they way my story goes." She should of said me instead of naybe, also the last line is wrong but it is pretty close to the way it goes. I will have to ask Elizabeth for the right words. I just couldn't believe how well she sang the song on key! Look out world we have another star coming! Then today I was playing with Monkey and just realized how many words he is learning. He doesn't talk a lot but he does have a pretty good vocabulary. Like at dinner we had spaghetti and he said noodoes for noodles. I guess the word that really caught my attention today was "no" he usually shacks his head no and now he is starting to say it. My world is about to become harder!!! Tonight GG did a new hairdo on me. Well I should stop rambling on about my two babies, even though I find it so easy to talk about them. Can you tell?

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