Wednesday, January 14, 2004

My brain is fried I have to think a minute on what we did. The sad part about that first statement is that it is only 9:30pm! This morning I started laundry which took, seriously, all day long to do. I was getting sick of seeing the big pile in our bedroom. GG had her dance class today. She walked in and told her teacher, "My birthday is Saturday. I will be 3. (as she holds up 3 fingers) We are going to have a big party too!" So they sang happy birthday to her in class, that was nice. She did something else funny while we were there. The teacher was taking attendance and she said GG's name and GG responded with, "- - - - that spells GG". What a goof she is sometimes. I have the final count on her birthday party too. Only one little girl she invited can't come so there will be 6 girls including her. (and Monkey, of course) Then the kids' parents, some of GG's grandparents, and two of her aunts. It should be fun. Back to today...after dance class we came home and ate lunch. Oh yeah they did tap today and then ballet, after class the teacher asked if she could extend the class 15 minutes! That is so awesome. Their class went really good today all the girls listened and they did so much stuff. They even played follow the leader with their tap shoes on and GG (the birthday girl) got to be the leader. She loved that. It was great seeing her be her normal out going self! Well J just informed me that this post is to long and that no one wants to read post this long. Oh who cares what he thinks! I love you, J. Ok I got side tracked! I wanted to tell everyone how much Monkey ate for lunch. He had two pieces of turkey, five little pieces of cheese, two big bits of my banana, a few chips, and three tablespoons of mac and cheese. I guess the boy was hungry! He ate it all :) Oh yeah GG got her first birthday card today. We are going to save them for Saturday, against J's wishes. But GG made it very clear to him that she wanted to open it on her birthday! It is only 3 more days. Oh my goodness my baby turns 3 in 3 days!!! Ok I think I have said everything on my mind, hehehe. Good night!

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