Monday, January 12, 2004

A lot has happened this weekend. We went to grandma and grandpa A's house on Friday night. Saturday I returned a pair of pants I got for Christmas that were too big. Then my mom-in-law made the best dinner! After dinner we hung out with J's parents. Then Sue and I decided that we were going to put the kids to bed (and our husbands) at 9pm. So when they were all asleep we put on a chick flick. It was fun watching the movie with her. Even though Monkey did wake up half way through to nurse! We must be weird but when I tell people that I spend time with my in-laws without J they think I am nuts. They think it is odd that we spend the night there. But you know what my in-laws are great people. They make me feel comfortable there. I can honestly say I know that they love me and the kids...they love J too! I'm just going to say I am truly blessed, and leave it at that. Oh yeah on Saturday the Y called and offered me a job! I start next Monday. Then Sunday we got up and went to church. I feel so great after going to church...refreshed after the week. I read my Bible during the week, which helps refresh me too, but being with great people at church is so nice. J sat with me and Monkey in the parents room during the service. Monkey doesn't like the he doesn't go...I can't stand to hear him cry when he will be fine with me in the parents room. Anyway as we were sitting listening to the service our friend Wendy's daughter had an explosive diaper, she is two months old. It was everywhere. So we helped her with that, I know I would want help if I was her. GG went to Sunday school and then to children's church. She loves going to church and it is always hard to get her to leave. I am happy to see her have so much fun learning about the Bible and Jesus! On the way home from church I asked GG what she learned. She told me about how Jesus was lost and his parents couldn't find him. They told the story of Jesus wondering off to preach in the temple. Then she said, "he is still lost mommy." So I told her I know where he is...He is in my heart. He is in daddy's heart too! Then she said, "Jesus is in my heart, mommy. And he is in Monkey's too!" She is so sweet...I love being home with her and Monkey. All the hugs and kisses I get from them I know that I did the right thing in staying home! Plus, all the compliments we get about them being so well behaved and happy just add to knowing we did the right thing. Sure we have given up somethings for me to be with them but that is just material things. Sorry I go off on tangents sometimes!!! Now with this job they will start making friends and Monkey will be able to get over his shyness with me there. I love my life and my family.

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