Monday, January 26, 2004

I'm going to start with last night! I did laundry while J was working and as soon as he got home not even a minute after he walked in the door he noticed. He always calls himself a trained observer! Then he asked what cd I had been listening too. I couldn't believe that he noticed that the number on the cd player didn't read 26 for the kids' cd. I guess he is a trained observer :) Then something strange yet funny happened last night. J and I were cuddling (doesn't happen often) and GG wanted to get in the middle so she did. We had her go to her bed after about 10 minutes. Anyway...I woke up in the middle of the night and GG was in between Monkey and I. So I moved her back to her bed. Then I woke up again to Monkey in the living room saying mama. I sat up and realized Monkey wasn't in bed. I came out to the living room and he was standing at the door to go upstairs calling my name. I think he thought I was up there?!?! So I picked him up and took him back to bed. GG was also back in our bed the second time I woke up so I got Monkey and moved her again!!! I love the fact that my kids love to be near me. So on to today!!! The morning was the usual. J left early for work because he went to check out a car, he called and said he didn't like it. This afternoon Monkey fell and has some cuts and big bruise on his forehead. I was going to get his 18 months pictures taken tomorrow but I guess I will wait to that clears up first :) Hopefully it will be by this weekend. Then tonight aunt Becky came home for grandma's birthday tomorrow. The kids and I went to work and now we are home and GG is in bed and Monkey is waiting to nurse to sleep. So I should go and put my handsome little man to sleep!

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