Sunday, January 18, 2004

I was too exhausted last night to update what we did so I will account for it right now! The whole day was about GG...and I mean the WHOLE day was about her. She woke up at 9:30am and the first thing she did was open all the birthday cards she got in the mail through out the week. Then she got her first present which was her birthday princess hat, so that she could wear it at her party and ALL day! When she got out of bed she walked through streamers and a pile of balloons. She thought that was great and so did Monkey. Then they played with the balloons until it was time for baths. After the bath grandma M. came home with two birthday balloons (one princess and the other Mini Mouse). Then we ate lunch and while we were eating the K's got here. The kids played until the party and us adults got to talk. It was also Aaron's birthday too. Every time the doorbell rang GG got so excited. She greeted each of her guest and then introduced them to her other friends. The best was when Saige and Tristan got here...GG started screaming, "OH BOY, OH BOY, MY FRIENDS ARE HERE!" GG and Saige are in the same Sunday school class. Then once everyone got here GG opened all her many presents! She got princess bath towel, caillou talking rosie doll, caillou fun time friend, little people pony set, 2 purple tiaras, 4 paint with water books, tights, a leotard for her dance class, two dress up outfits, a tank top for summer, a purple feather boa, a suitcase with; a wond, purse, bracelets, and dress up shoes. She also got some necklaces, a big wheel, precious moments 3 year old birthday girl, a 3 year old train piece, and then her big present a bike from daddy, mommy and Monkey. Then we sang happy birthday and had cake and ice cream. When everyone left Becky's friends came over to tell GG happy birthday. She got a phone call from her uncle Travis. Then grandpa M came home from school and he took us all out for her birthday dinner. As we were waiting GG wanted to do the game, that has a lot of toys in it and then a claw type thing in it that you move to grab a toy, grandpa put money in and helped her move the claw. Grandpa told her he thought it was in a good spot so he let go GG didn't think so, so she tapped it and moved it just a little. The claw came down and she won! She was so excited about that. The guy standing next to the game said he had never seen any one win before. Well I guess you have to be a 3 year old on your birthday! Then after we got done eating dinner the restaurant sang happy birthday to GG. She thought that was pretty cool. They also gave her a brownie and ice cream. On our way out of the restaurant Monkey went up to the game GG had won at...he wanted to play. The boy sitting next to it had just played and won, he gave it to Monkey. I thought that was really nice. J said it was because he was getting smooch points from his girlfriend by doing that. Either way it was nice. We got home from eating and GG got her present from grandma and grandpa M. she got Dora the explorer pj's and ballet shoes. Then the phone rang and it was, of course, for GG. It was aunt Virginia and uncle Joe wanting to wish her a happy birthday. So as you can see it was ALL about GG yesterday! The funny thing about it all is that she still doesn't have all of her presents, yet! She is going to think her birthday lasts a week!!!

Well we are getting ready to go to Ellie's birthday party today. We also didn't make it to church this morning...sadness :( I hate missing church. We will go next week because we are bringing refreshments!

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