Sunday, January 25, 2004

Yesterday totally ROCKED!!! We got up and went looking at vehicles...J's truck only holds two people and it is stick. I'm not really good at driving stick, it actually scares me. So we looked into getting him a car or something that holds all of us. After looking we talked about it and prayed about buying a van we both fell in love with and decided against it. I feel so at peace with our decision, as in we made the right one! When we got home from doing that we got a call inviting us to dinner and swimming! So we packed our suites and headed over to the M's (the people with the really cool house...heated indoor pool and hot tub!) and order Chinese food for dinner. There were 5 married couples and two other friends that came, plus our two kids. We ate and went swimming. I was starting to get cold in the water and Kristy suggested we go to the hot tub. So I left the kids with J and the other boys and 4 of us girls went and sat in the hot tub. IT felt so good!!! We had great conversation and lots and lots of laughs! Kristy has been married 6 months longer than J and I, Virginia and Megan got married a week apart last year. I was the only one with kids. Then we came in from the hot tub and Aunt Virginia and I took the kids out of the pool and got them dressed. They swam for over 2 hours! My little fish. Then the boys (men) went in the hot tub and us girls went downstairs and made rootbeer floats and banana splits! Yummy. We left their house around 11:30ish and got home around midnight. I love hanging out with them...they are the same age and we just have a lot of fun together.

Today we got up and went to Sunday school even though both J and I just wanted to sleep we got up and went. We signed up for treats so at least one of us had to go. I wanted GG to go to Sunday school (she loves hearing stories about Jesus) and I wanted Monkey to go to the nursery because Megan was working in there and after being with her all night I figured he would do ok with her in there. I was right! J dropped him off and she said he only cried for about 2 minutes settled down and played. He did start crying when I came to get him but stopped when I picked him up. I think he was trying to convince me he was crying the whole time! I know better than that. Then I took GG to children's church, Monkey came with me to the parents room, and J went to his parents house to sleep. Saige's mom was in the parents room and she is going to be taking the semester and summer off from teaching and staying home. So we are going to be planning a lot of playdates for GG, Saige and Tristan...they only live 15 minutes away! Then after church Liz and I took the kids out to the car and it didn't start. I had left my lights on all through Sunday school and church. I turned them off and went inside to call J. Our friend Nick (he was a groomsmen in our wedding) was inside and he offered to jump me. So Liz took the kids downstairs and I went outside with Nick. I got the hood open and got in the car. On a whim I tried starting the car again, it almost started this time. So Nick told me to try again, I did and it started. I was so happy. I get so scared when we jump cars, I get afraid the car might blow up even though I know it won't :) J always makes fun of me for it. Then I drove up to the church doors and picked up Liz and the kids. Sara Arnett was talking to Liz, It was so good to see her. She is a year younger than J and I have known her since J and I started dating over 7 years ago. The joke with her is that she wants to be apart of the A family...she always has! Well she always said she was going to marry J because they were closest in age so when we got married she was going to marry Joe (J's older brother) then he got married. She still wants to be apart of the family so when Monkey was born we told her she could wait for him to be legal or she could marry Elizabeth! I like Sara, we can adopt her into our family I would love that. We ate lunch at the A's residence and came home because Sue isn't feeling well, that is why we didn't spend the night there on Saturday. I hope you feel better soon Sue. Now we are home and the kids were asleep when I started this post and now Monkey is awake but GG is still sleeping. The swimming last night wore her out big time, me too.

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